The primary aim of the Chiltern House programme is to nurture a growing independence along with positive self-esteem and self-image and instil in children a love of learning through their earliest experiences. Chiltern House offers programmes from Nursery to Kindergarten and the curriculum of each programme has been carefully structured and planned. It includes the Oxford Reading Tree from the United Kingdom, Maths, physical education lessons on a weekly basis, computer work, cooking and science, art and craft, mandarin, speech & drama and music.

Small class size

With our excellent student to teacher ratio (two teachers to a class of twelve to sixteen students), each teacher has ample opportunity to follow each child’s progress in great detail. We are able to offer extra help in any area where it may be needed and to enrich the programme for those students whose ability necessitates it. Children are often divided into small numbers for certain areas of the curriculum and given the opportunity to work together in pairs or small groups, with the teacher present as a guide, mentor or observer.

Our Approach: Learning Centres

Each classroom is set up with various learning centres. Through these learning centres, e.g. Language, maths, art, research and etc., the children are given the opportunity to explore and experiment. This enhances their development in all areas. Other centres may also be set up to coincide with the theme or topic of the week. Some centres will also be set up to build on the current interests of the children. They are encouraged to explore each centre during activity and free play time.